We cover your end-to-end AI needs with
our packaged or customized AI services

With a data-driven strategy in place, AI upgraded employees and AI projects in execution
you'll gain competitive advantage and prepare your business for tomorrow, today

Here is how we work with Applied AI/ML end-to-end projects


Let´s get to know each other. Tell us about your business and operation areas, your data driven projects portfolio and resource demand and how you would like to initiate or further develop your AI journey.

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At this meeting we will present to you our packaged AI use cases, most suitable for your business and hear out about more specific ones that you need.

We also touch base upon data sources needed for discussed AI / ML use cases.


Depending on the outcome from the initial meeting use cases are identified or not and during those sessions we continue that discussion.

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Couple of structured workshops are required with key domain stakeholders and data owners participating.

Mission is to the scope the MVP PoC and specify data requirements.


NordAxon demonstrates time and resources plan for the project / use cases selected under workshop sessions.

We work agile way with 2-weeks sprints planning.

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All our data scientists master data science, machine learning, math and statistics so when we select resources for your project, we look for domain and data knowledge that best fits the use case scope and your business.


Execution of the project in sprints according to the ML flow with continuous quality assurance with your data and domain owners:

  • Bi-daily scrum meetings
  • Sprint planning sessions
  • Sprint review meetings
  • Sprint retrospective meeting.
  • We are a team with profound knowledge and experience
    and can help you with any AI /ML matter


    Guidance along the inevitable AI/ML strategy adaptation journey

    External help with AI/ML will get you started and is a good first approach. But further down the road, an AI strategy is the sustainable option. We can help you with analyzing your AI/ML organizational maturity and advise on how to embed strategy in all your business units. Through structured sessions we investigate your data governance, business models, infrastructure and talents available.


    Contact us if you are in need of external resources in your project portfolio.

    Allocation of our skilled resources is available to your data driven projects, fulltime or part time. In our pool we have data scientists (junior and senior), data engineers, business analysists, (technical) project managers, solution architects and product owners. We exclusively work with the best.


    Because we help our clients to create the future

    • Our professionals take the time to understand your needs and business objectives, as result we can design a top-notch AI solution for your organisation.
    • Our company offers a variety of service options so you can find a plan that works for your unique business.
    • Our team comprises highly professional and experienced data scientists and ML engineers working in smart agile way.
    • Our AI solutions are explictly build upon trustful and explainable ML models.


    Share your ideas with us and we will cover the rest. Ask us any questions.