Accelerate your digital AI / ML journey with the data analytics detectives of the Øresund region

We focus on Applied Data Intelligence, combining AI with data, analytics and automation under a strategic vision to transform and grow your business

We are offering AI & ML services as

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Any AI effort relies on three main building blocks: data, infrastructure and talent. Talent relies on knowledge, experience and confidence. Our courses provide you with both theoretical and practical AI foundation - regardless of your level.

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Our full-day course is aimed at leaders and decision makers for the full run-through to enable you to take decisions on investments and technology when it comes to AI.

The intro-course is a two-hour introduction to open up the subject of AI and Machine Learning and give you an inspired start on your knowledge journey.

We also customize courses, seminars, conferences, workshops or more tech-focused training for developers in order to deliver the most value for you and your organization. If you have special demands regarding infrastructure or platforms, we can arrange a tailoring for you.

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We know how overwhelming it is to prioritize your efforts with new transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation or any other field of Digitalization. Let us help you with that. We focus on both proof of concepts and ambitious ideas, with highly disruptive potential.

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Our consulting services are flexibly offered to fit your organization, from project delivery to outsourcing of individual NordAxon resources.

The full end-to-end delivery consists of a packaged, planned and executed project by a NordAxon team. This covers everything from the initial use case investigation to deployment of AI solutions. If your need is more exploratory or smaller in scale, we also outsource individual experienced resources in the full range of data science and intelligence skills.

In addition, we provide advisory services to make sure you get the most out of your initiatives

Improve your company performance
with our AI-powered solutions

Unlock the value in your data – textual, visual or numeric – with applied AI technologies – NLP (Natural Language Processing), Predictive Analytics, Computer vision, Data Capturing, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) etc.

We apply Agility & Kaizen implicitly

We walk the "Less is More"​ talk