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We are seeking junior and senior data scientists’ stars that master fields of data mining and engineering, top analytical tools, machine learning technologies and techniques.

We are set to grow and evolve together with engaged and brilliant human minds. NordAxon is The Machine Learning consultancy start-up in Öresund region focusing explicitly on engagements that help organizations grow with the power of advanced analytics and machine learning. Our professional consulting services are in high demand and we have some super exciting clients in the pipeline requesting them. 

We are now looking for enthusiastic and committed AI/ML expert that can see the big bright future with our organization and is eager to join our advanced analytics team, our company and its Kaizen culture. What we promise and guarantee is that together with us you will AI evolve every day by spending your time on data-driven advanced analytics engagements. For the right candidate, we also offer a partnership program and promotion to CTO role.

We are seeking data scientist star that master fields of data mining and engineering, top analytical tools, machine learning technologies and techniques.

Example of technical skills and experiences that we expect you to master:

Programming: Python, Java, R, C++/C, JavaScript, Scala …
ML libraries & platforms: Pandas, SciKit-learn, Tensorflow, Theano, Keras …
Databases/data structure storages: Cassandra, MongoDB, SQL, neo4J, Hive …
Computing frameworks: Anaconda, Azure, Spark Hadoop …
Operating systems: Windows, Nix
Public web services REST, JSON, SOAP


From the get-go you’ll need to be able to do the following:

  • Delivery of our AI/ML Explore and AI/ML Implement professional services. Client engagements will be cross-industry but always data-driven and advanced analytics or machine learning related. You are expected to engage and perform during all data science steps; from data sourcing, data pre-processing and cleaning until the fine-painting last one i.e. building your super performing models.
  • Further developing our AI/ML Learn professional service, organizing and teaching the courses.
  • Attending and bringing value to the client meetings
  • Company development and growth; as you will be joining a growing and new team you will have a great opportunity to have an impact on the creation of company culture, vision and values. Three values will though always be valid:  1) We work smart not hard – Agile way 2) We are flexible in terms of working time and place, as long as we deliver 3) We believe in Kaizen.

We expect you to master some of the Scandi languages and English and we prefer that you live in Skåne region. Our office is in the new and fresh Studio building in central Malmö, close to the central station. We do have a focus on clients from the Öresund region but since one of our values is “Everything is relative” the world is our canvas and some of the clients and engagements will require travel activity.

Sounds interesting and you feel ready to evolve and start The AI/ML Lifestyle career. If you have questions call us or send us your CV (no letter needed) with “Application: Data Scientist” as e-mail title.

+46 707 317 450 

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